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    2015 Week 6 Preview


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    2015 Week 6 Preview

    Post by DrMjrKoval on Sun Oct 18, 2015 9:15 am

    Lets do this a little different. I have been kind of doing game overviews instead of previews. Starting here I will either be picking a Start or Sit for each game without quoting obvious stuff like "Start Aaron Rodgers" etc...

    Bengals vs Bills

    Sit the entire Bengals Backfield-Buffalo has only allowed 82 yards/game with 2 Touchdowns all season and is ranked 3rd in Rush Yards allowed

    Broncos vs Browns

    Start all of the Broncos Offense-Browns have the 3rd worst Defense in terms of yards/game in the league. Peyton Manning should get back on track this week.

    Bears vs Lions

    Start Calvin Johnson-I'm not sure really what's going on in Detroit but he's due for a 250 yards 3 Touchdown game. Especially since I believe the Bears Defensive numbers is very much a product the bad Passing Offenses their last 3 opponents had.

    Jaguars vs Texans

    Start Deandre Hopkins and Sit everyone else-This one seems obvious but the 2 Jaguars receivers Allen Hurns and Allen Robinson are decent Flex/Bye Week fill ins

    Chiefs vs Vikings

    Start Teddy Bridgewater-The Chiefs have the 6th worst Passing Defense and have the 6th worst QB Rating allowed. Bridgewater should have a big day today.

    Redskins vs Jets

    Start Chris Ivory-A 5.0 yard average is quite a high number for a RB with 3 TDs to boot, he is poised for a big day today

    Cardinals vs Steelers

    Start Chris Johnson-The Steelers have allowed about 100 yards/game on the ground this year and CJ2K will really test them today

    Dolphins vs Titans

    Sit Everyone-Can't see anyone here being a good play today

    Panthers vs Seahawks

    Sit Cam Newton-While the Seahawks don't statistically have the best defense since Kam Chancellor came back they have been a different team.

    Packers vs Chargers

    Sit Philip Rivers-The Packers have allowed a QB Rating of 62.8 this year...which is 5 TDs 8 Ints and only 931 yards.

    Ravens vs 49ers

    Start Joe Flacco-On the opposite end the 49ers have allowed a QB Rating of 108.0 this year...which is 9 TDs 3 Ints and 1494 yards.

    Colts vs Patriots

    Start All Patriots-This one could be a bloodbath in the Deflategate Match

    Giants vs Eagles

    Start Sam Bradford-Nothing helps a QB more than facing the statistically worst Pass Defense in terms of yardage

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