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    2015 Week 8 Preview


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    2015 Week 8 Preview

    Post by DrMjrKoval on Sun Nov 01, 2015 7:01 am

    Lets do this a little different. I have been kind of doing game overviews instead of previews. Starting here I will either be picking a Start or Sit for each game without quoting obvious stuff like "Start Aaron Rodgers" etc...

    Lions vs Chiefs

    Start Matt Stafford-He's been transparent most of season so far. He's starting to heat up and he should have a pretty good week this week.

    Bucs vs Falcons

    Start Doug Martin-Here is another guy starting to heat up. He is a top 10 RB in most non-PPR leagues and is almost a Top 5 RB in PPR leagues.

    Chargers vs Ravens

    Start Ladarius Green-Most of the time saying to start a TE doesn't mean much but the Ravens have a pretty bad pass defense allowing 283 yards/game and the Chargers, not surprisingly, have a pretty good Pass Offense.

    Vikings vs Bears

    Start Stefon Diggs-Sure he's a Rookie...Sure he's only started 2 of the 3 games he's played in...But he's already the Vikings leading receiver. He has the eye of Teddy Bridgewater and I don't see this production stopping.

    Cardinals vs Browns

    Start Chris Johnson-Start him all day. The Browns Run Defense is horrible and CJ2K should be able to exploit them a lot. They allow about 151 yards/game on the ground alone.

    Titans vs Texans

    Sit all of the Titans-Every single one of them. Sure the Dolphins were able to shred them last week but the Titans already have a pretty bad Offense and then you take out their starting QB. Nope bench them all.

    Giants vs Saints

    Sit the Saints Receivers-Their leading receiver has 1 TD and is averaging only 65 yards/game. That is bad. That's essentially 6 points/game with 1 of the 7 games being 13 points.

    Bengals vs Steelers

    Sit Ben Roethlisberger-I just advise you to have tempered expectations. He's been off for a few weeks and we don't know how he's going to react to playing again. He could be good...but there is more of a chance he is just average.

    49ers vs Rams

    Sit Everyone but Todd Gurley-That is all

    Jets vs Raiders

    Start Amari Cooper-Sure he's a rookie but he's also a top 20 WR. He seems to have good chemistry with Derek Carr and should have a decent day today.

    Seahawks vs Cowboys

    Sit Dez Bryant-I'm not certain he plays but if he does keep him on the pine until you can see what he can do. Especially with Romo's replacement still at QB. Then if he does well put him in next week.

    Packers vs Broncos

    Start the Green Bay Defense-2 weeks ago they got shredded by Philip Rivers and the Chargers. This week Peyton Manning is the QB facing them. At this point in their careers there is a complete difference in the ability of those 2. Peyton is obviously on his way out much like the great QBs before him in Brett Favre, Dan Marino, John Elway, etc...They just start to lose velocity, then their decision making gets shaky because they can't make the throws they used to, then their quality suffers.

    Colts vs Panthers

    Sit Andrew Luck-There I said it. Unless you have absolutely no other Quarterback I do not see a reason to keep starting him while he's going through a lull right now.

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