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    2015 Week 9 Preview


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    2015 Week 9 Preview

    Post by DrMjrKoval on Sun Nov 08, 2015 9:50 am

    Lets do this a little different. I have been kind of doing game overviews instead of previews. Starting here I will either be picking a Start or Sit for each game without quoting obvious stuff like "Start Aaron Rodgers" etc...

    Dolphins vs Buffalo

    Sit Lamar Miller-Sure this is a controversial one but for some reason the Dolphins will run him less than 10 times a game and have done it multiple times so far this year. It's honestly puzzling but it is happening

    Packers vs Panthers

    Sit Eddie Lacy-Here is another controversial one. He was a top 5 pick this year but he has been far from himself. He seems to be nicked up and McCarthy seems intent on him splitting time with James Starks

    Rams vs Vikings

    Sit Stefon Diggs-He has been hot and the primary target of Teddy Bridgewater but they haven't faced the fierce Rams defense. The Vikings will have to really grind this one out.

    Redskins or Patriots

    Start all of the Patriots-This one is going to be a question run all the Patriots

    Titans vs Saints

    Start all of the Saints-With the HC of the Titans getting fired this week expect them to be horribly prepared and outmatched today

    Jaguars vs Jets

    Start the Jaguars WR Corp-One of them will have a big game whether it's Allen Hurns or Allen Robinson. The one small weakness to the Jets Defense is their Pass Defense. They are extremely good at stopping the run.

    Raiders vs Steelers

    Start DeAngelo Williams-With the Bell injury this week Williams will step right into the RB role and will have a lot of success today. Behind that Steelers line Bell has had a good year as has Williams

    Falcons vs 49ers

    Start Matt Ryan-Obviously Julio Jones and Devonta Freeman are auto starts. This week with the Falcons facing the Blaine Gabbert led 49ers they will dominate.

    Giants vs Bucs

    Start Doug Martin-He continues to have a great year and facing a bad Giants Run Defense should equal a lot of points today.

    Broncos vs Colts

    Sit your Colts-With Andrew Luck having a bad year, most likely due to broken ribs, they are facing the best NFL defense this week. If they are able to keep up at all with the Broncos I will be shocked.

    Eagles vs Cowboys

    Sit all the RBs-Both teams are a mess on the ground with both teams splitting their running time with 2 players.

    Chargers vs Bears

    Start Stevie Williams-With the Keenan Allen injury last week Williams will see more play and with as much talent as he has he should be able to step right in to help replace him.


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    Re: 2015 Week 9 Preview

    Post by PraiseOdin821 on Thu Nov 12, 2015 4:58 pm

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