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    2015 Week 11 Preview


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    2015 Week 11 Preview

    Post by DrMjrKoval on Sun Nov 22, 2015 9:28 am

    Still continuing to refine my previews...Trying something different this week. This time I'm going to single out 3 players you should be starting and 3 players you should be sitting this week. As per usual none of the obvious "Start Tom Brady, or Start Gronkowski, etc..."

    Start Matt Ryan-Playing against a pretty porous Colts Defense. They are also absent Andrew Luck they will struggle to stay in this game today. I expect big things out of him. This is also considering you may have Drew Brees or Eli Manning on a bye.

    Sit all your Bears-Sure the Bears are facing a Manning-less Broncos team but they are minus a Matt Forte with a terribly inconsistent Jay Cutler against probably the best Defense in the NFL right now. Just sit 'em all.

    Start Russell Wilson-They are facing the Blaine Gabbert led 49ers this week. Without the double threat that Kaepernick can be the Seattle Defense will be oppressive. I don't expect the 49er offense to be able to do anything leaving the Seattle offense to do what they want to.

    Sit Chris Ivory-Here is an every week starter and I'm not necessarily saying to sit him but temper your expectations. The horrible Geno Smith is starting in place of Ryan Fitzpatrick this week and they could go down big right away which means the Jets will have to get away from the run to keep up.

    Start Davante Adams-Last week he had a ton of targets last week with some insane catches and just a couple of stupid drops. Add in that the Lions got away with a ton of Defensive Holding and Pass Interference. He was Rodgers' primary target last week and with Rodgers getting healthier he should continue to see a good amount of work.

    Sit Danny Amendola-A huge pickup off the waiver wire this week. He will have a similar role to Julian Edelman in their offense but there is a reason why Edelman gets the targets over Amendola. Bench him for a week and see what happens first.

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    Re: 2015 Week 11 Preview

    Post by PraiseOdin821 on Fri Nov 27, 2015 6:10 pm

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