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    2015 Week 2


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    2015 Week 2

    Post by PraiseOdin821 on Fri Sep 18, 2015 4:30 pm

    I'll put my observations for the Thursday night game of week 2 which was Denver vs. KC.
    • Wow and congrats to anyone that drafted Denver DEF, they are solid. 5 turnovers coming both from knocked out balls and interceptions. Not to mention sacks.
    • CJ Anderson - is he injured or something? Just doesn't have a lot going into his runs. There was a 3rd and 1 were he just ran directly into the line. Anderson ended with 12 for 27 and Hillman came in later in the game and ended with 9 carries for 34yds. I would just stay away from this backfield at the moment if you hopefully have options.
    • Den returning only one lineman is showing the importance of a good Oline. Peyton is getting destroyed constantly under pressure and getting hit. Lucky for him they will probably have a lot easier pass rushes down the road.
    • KC really spreading the ball around with no one receiver having over 60 yds but 3 guys with 50 yards. Maclin hasn't really shown a ton so far but is probably worth hanging on to. Kelce will probably continue to be a great option for your fantasy team.

    So maybe its just me but do you ever listen to any media coverage of games the day after and wonder if the people who get paid for their opinion even watched the game. I guess maybe once it becomes a job the must lose interest or something. On my way home from work I heard the usual talk of Manning not being able to throw down field. I specifically recall 3 bombs downfield that were overthrown to the receivers. There was probably more. I guess it must have been an assigned talking point.

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    Early Games Sunday

    Post by PraiseOdin821 on Tue Sep 22, 2015 5:37 pm

    Here are some notes from Sundays early games.
    • So when evaluating teams performance i don't like to put too much stock into the first drive. The first drive is usually completely scripted and has been practiced until the guys puke or get punched in the jejunem. A lot of times you will see a team drive the field with ease in that first series and then do nothing the rest of the game so if your looking for a teams tendencies don't look here.
    • I picked up David Johnson RB Ari last week hoping that his ability for explosive plays would allow him to get more playing time. With Ellington out i figured he could steal time away from CJ2K with ease. Reports coming out that this is the case so if he is still available pick him up.
    • Pick up Matt Jones RB Was - Matt Jones left me trying to find out what happend to Alfred Morris and when he got injured. When i found out that not only was Morris not injured but that he had 20 carries and Jones still had that production, i figure he is worth a pickup if available.
    • Leveon Bell RB Pit is back next week - i feel like Dlo Williams will still get a lot of work due to how well he has done in Bells absence.
    • Dion Lewis still getting work - Lewis is still holding his own even with Blount back but will that continue if he continues to put the ball on the turf. Belichick is known for having a short leash on fumblers.
    • Beckham WR NYG - Beckham had 139 yds at half which is great except for the fact that he only had one catch n the whole second half. i am hoping this is just an anomaly and not an indication that teams have realized they have no other passing threats.
    • Rams - ??? was week one just an indication that Rams can beat a division rival and are not that good or were they just taking the Redskins too easy because we all were.
    • Travis Benjamin - i personally don't really trust the fact that he only had 3 receptions and 2 of them were bombs. it does show he has the ability to make plays and may be worth having but i wouldn't trust him in my lineup at all.
    • Way too many big injuries to list but you know who you are.
    • Welcome back Larry Fitzgerald - proud of you. A lot of time when former awesome players have bad years they say they were injured and this year they are healthy only to come back and still not produce. Fitzgerald appears to be the exception and may be back from the dead.
    • Titans Hype - The Titans hype train may be dead and i will watch them one more week before i decide if its time to toss anyone from the Titans.

    I love random stats so here is my favorite of the weekend.
    Belichick is 12-2 vs. QBs making their first or second start.

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    Afternoon and night Games

    Post by PraiseOdin821 on Wed Sep 23, 2015 4:25 pm

    Observation from the rest of the week.

    • Justin Forsett RB Bal - Ive listened all preseason big network people constantly trying to talk everyone into Taliafero over Forsett and even 2 weeks into the season its still going on. They keep saying he looked terrible and as a person who actually watch the game i thougt he looked okay. In fact they both had the same yards per carry. Forsett is still the Bal RB to own.
    • Gilmore TE Bal - Gilmore is showing the promise that we have wanted out of Dennis Pitta for years. It may only be his first great game but im probably willing to take a chance on him if you need a TE.
    • Oak Off - Murray and the Oak offensive may be for reals. In the past even when they are not garbage time still counts.
    • Murray RB Phi - this situation is as bad as CJ2K and the Titans a few years ago when CJs was getting his first contact an average of two yards in the backfield. He will keep his value if they can use him out in space, something Tenn was unwilling to do.
    • Im really fired up on the Monday night game and will probably be addressed in the Youcast on The Broken Scouter Gamecastery. The Oline is not the problem as much as ESPN would have you believe since all the analysts that failed to watch the game would talk about.

    Final thought - Really Redzone? This sundays afternoon games were Phi-Dal, Bal-Oak and Jax-Mia. The redzone was determined to make sure i was up to date on the games starring teams that drafted in the top ten. i get that the Phi-Dal game was low scoring but i would still rather watch that than the other games.

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    Re: 2015 Week 2

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