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    2015 Week 3 Preview


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    2015 Week 3 Preview

    Post by DrMjrKoval on Sun Sep 27, 2015 8:00 am

    Each Week I’m going to pick 5 games to highlight and preview some quick hits for Fantasy Football

    Car v NO

    With Drew Brees currently being out for this week’s game I think Carolina is going to roll them. Without Brees that NO Offense is abysmal and their defense is horrible allowing 380 yards/game in their first 2 games. I expect Cam Newton and Jonathan Stewart to have big games today and should be starts on your Fantasy Team.

    Atl v Dal

    In the battle of the undefeateds we have the Romoless/Bryantless/Toothless Cowboys starring Brandon Weeden vs the Falcons. The Cowboys are giving up almost 400 yards/game in their first 2 games. With Tevin Coleman out I can easily see the Falcons dominating this game early and coasting with Davonta Freeman to close the game out. He and almost everyone else on Atlanta should be a start today.

    Ten v Ind

    With Indianapolis not being able to find their footing this year yet losing their first 2 games I think this one will have a different turn out. While Tennessee is only allowing about 275 yards/game they have faced both Cleveland and Tampa Bay…not exactly great offenses. I think this Week Indianapolis wakes up finally and Luck and friends have a big game.

    Sea v Chi

    Both teams have 0-2 records…the big difference is both Cutler and Jeffrey are out for Chicago. This is going to be a long day for them. I think Wilson and Graham are both going to have big days today. The only hang up could be Seattle’s Offensive Line which has been their problem this year, but with some creative blocking upfront they should be able to handle it.

    GB v KC

    Obviously hitting the Green Bay game. Being at home Green Bay should be able to win this one. My only hangup is Green Bay’s Run Defense is abhorrent allowing 308 total rushing yards in the first 2 games alone. Jamal Charles and that Kansas City Offensive line are poised to have big days. I think if Green Bay can get a few stops here and there they should be able to turn the corner on them. Until Davante Adams shows he’s ready to shoulder the load he should be holding steady on your benches.

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    Weekend Evaluation

    Post by PraiseOdin821 on Wed Sep 30, 2015 12:30 pm

    Thursday Night
    -Reed TE Was pick him up he needs to be owned.
    -Matt Jones goalline fumble swung him from scoring 10 points to him scoring about 2. Still worth hanging on to as he did have twice the carries of one Alfred Morris.
    -Giants Off is very conservative and the team seems to have a case of the dropsies. Donnell TE NYG still gets targets even with his drops so that is a good sign. On the other hand Vareen RB is probably not worth having.

    Early Sunday
    -Not sure what was going on with Dal second half play calling. With a lead they only ran the ball 5 times despite Randle having a big day. What odd is that Weedan was 22 of 26 which seems to point to play calling as how they lost that game. Lots of short passes not getting first downs. Look for Dunbar if you need a deep RB as he seems to be a huge passing target for them.
    -Kendall Wright WR Ten needs to be owned. He was out the week that Tenn lost to Tampa and when he is in he seems to make that Off move.
    -Colts got the W but still seem to have something wrong with the Off. Moncreif WR is good pickup if you need a WR
    -Atl running game is plug and play. If you drafted Freeman RB only to have Coleman named the starter i hope you hung on to him. His 40 points last week may get him starting the rest of the year.
    -Oakland Off is for reals. I wouldnt expect it but if you got Murray RB of Cooper WR you are getting more than your moneys worth. Carr has even made himself worth a pickup.
    -I didnt even know Vick QB Pit was in the league. I am not one to pick him up unless i see something or really in need of a QB.

    Afternoon Sunday
    -Not sure what to do about Kapernick. First 2 passes were pick 6s and put SF in the hole immediately.
    -Arizona pickup the whole team. Def was lights out. Off was unbelievable and ageless. I was on the
    David Johnson RB bus but with CJ2K big day and Ellington coming back i'm looking for other options. Fitzgerald WR is back and looking great.
    -I'm ready to buy Tyrod Taylor QB Clay TE and K. Williams RB for Buf. I held off till now and found myself picking up any of these guys i could. Williams will be helped by McCoy RB injury being able to get more time.
    -Clausen is terrible. I feel like Tebow could have a job in this league at least as a backup if he didn't bring so much attention. I guess Tebow didn't work for Chip Kelly after he found out he was Philipino. This wasn't the return of the legion of boom as much as the Bears being just awful.

    Sunday Night
    -Not a lot here. Den Def is incredible. The way their DBs put in their hands to knock away passes is footage that should be studied by all DBs on how to stop catches.
    -Kubiak needs to get out of Peytons way. Why is he bootlegging out?
    -Collinsworth brought up a good point in that Det doesn't seem to throw a lot of jump balls over to Megatron which was always kind of his bread and butter.

    -Starks RB GB had more carries than Lacy but with less production. He was a good pickup when i thought Lacy was out and now i think i'm looking for other options.
    -Rodgers is worth the first or second pick you used on him.
    -KC has finally found out they had a WR in Maclin on the team and has stopped the streak of the team not having a WR touchdown in over a year.

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