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    2015 Week 4 Preview


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    2015 Week 4 Preview

    Post by DrMjrKoval on Sun Oct 04, 2015 10:13 am

    Each Week I’m going to pick 5 games to highlight and preview some quick hits for Fantasy Football

    Oak v Chi

    For the first time in a long time Oakland is actually favored this week. I would expect Chicago to feed Forte the ball today with Jeffrey still out. Cutler is expected to play but I imagine they will still be the same old toothless Bears. With as bad as Chicago’s defense is Derek Carr should have a big game today.

    Jac v Ind

    With Luck out today the Colts will really struggle…even more than they have been. This could be a day where Jacksonville will actually steal one. Colts going 1-3 isn’t that big a deal considering how bad their division is. Sit all of Indianapolis.

    Car v Tampa

    Cam Newton is starting to hit his stride and facing the hapless Bucs he should be able to cruise today. He is a big start. As a rookie QB Jameis Winston will continue to struggle especially with how good the Carolina Defense is. The Tampa defense is porous to Running Backs so I would expect Jonathan Stewart to have a huge game today.

    Min v Denver

    Old man Manning vs the upstart Teddy Bridgewater…who will win?? Denver’s opportunistic defense is the best Fantasy defense having an average of 7 pts more a game than the 3rd place Seahawks defense…What does this mean? Teddy Bridgewater will have a long game dodging both Demarcus Ware and Von Miller. Adrian Peterson is an every game start regardless of matchup…keep rolling with him.

    GB v SF

    As always my Green Bay Preview. 3-0 GB vs 1-2 SF. Usually going into this yearly game it seems that San Francisco’s Defense is always better…except this year. Kaepernick will continue to frustrate the Packers defense as he always does. The run game in general for San Francisco will be their avenue to victory. If this game gets out of hand it’s going to be a long game for them. Aaron Rodgers and company should be able to cruise today and their whole offense is a start. San Francisco is allowing 31 points a game with a terrible statistic Defense, so

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    Week 4 review

    Post by PraiseOdin821 on Wed Oct 07, 2015 9:04 am

    Here are my findings from week 4
    -Forsett RB Bal 150 yds. If you've been listening to me you've been rolling with Forsett despite constant noise from networks that he is done.
    -Heyward Bey WR Pit is their #2 WR. i know they have more popular young guys but Hey Bey is getting the targets.
    -Abandon ship on Dangelo Williams RB Pit. Despite him being above average the first 2 weeks he was only given 2 carries this week. Thanks for filling in
    -A.Brown Pit WR dropping a TD in your bread basket isn't going to help his scoring now that he has Vick trying to get him the ball but that one was on him.

    Early Sat
    -Dolphins are terrible. Lamar Miller again has less than 10 carries which as we saw in week one isn't a function of game. I wasn't big on picking up Rashard Matthews WR and still wouldn't.
    -Devonta Freeman RB Atl wow. Speaking of that what ever happened to this Dline if Hou. Where is Clowney? Obviously when he sat out his senior year it was a big red flag that he wasn't that into football.
    -Alfred Morris got a ton of carries but Matt Jones gets the goal line work. Garcon looks to have gotten himself some value again.
    -while a lot of teams are playing very conservative Andy Dalton seems to be launching the ball downfield more than ever. Cin is looking great all around.
    -big day for Ted Ginn, V. Jax, and Doug Martin.

    -Hillman RB Den over CJ Anderson. I think everyone has finally caught on.
    -L. Green TE SD is good to go - not sure how much he us going to lose with Gates coming back this week.
    -Duke Johnson Cle Rb has appeared. They dont have anything else going on there so i wouold take a chance on him getting more carries.
    -Tavon Austin STL WR had a big game but i don't know if you can expect it to continue since they couldn't manage a score against a deflated Pit.
    -David Johnson is still getting points. I would almost take Ari third string RB over most teams starter.

    Sunday Evening.
    -Dal injuries have destroyed this team. Dunbar was starting to break out then he gets injured. a WR gets a big pass play then he is injured. Randle would be the only guy i would own on this team.
    -NO RBs are horrible for rushing points but great for rec points. Everyone else on the team is good for about 5 points a game.

    Monday Night
    -Rawl RB Sea 17 carries F.Jax had only 3. Its clear who Lynchs backup is.
    -Megatron still not being used for big plays. He was 7 for 56

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