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    Draft Strategy


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    Draft Strategy

    Post by PraiseOdin821 on Wed Sep 09, 2015 9:57 am

    Listening to different draft strategies can get you kind of confused.  Some people are strict to picking up RBs their first pick, others are determined to pick up the best player at QB or TE.  Some people have formulas that weigh out the production points of players.  I don't really have a particular strategy like i like to stick to because i like to go with the flow of the draft.  I do quite a bit of research to see what players i can wait on and what positions i will be able to get quality late in the draft.  So here are some rules I live by when drafting.

    • Follow Your Instincts - A lot of time instead of looking at the guys i want i am more looking at the guys i don't want in that position.  This year for example in one league i was slotted at pick six.  I was looking to get one of the top 5 RB because i felt pretty comfortable that all of them could be in my starting lineup with out worry.  If those 5 are gone by my pick i wouldn't feel overly comfortable reaching for one of the next bunch of RB when i could easily take a top WR that i know would more than likely put up points every week.  If you really feel good about a guy but don't think you will be able to grab him the next round take him.  This rule is null in void if after years of playing it turns out you have poor instinct picking players.  
    • Note down others picks - this works mostly when you are drafting early or late in a draft. I don't mean write out every player people are taking but what position. Suppose you drafting number 4 coming after you is picks 3 2 1 1 2 3. If you are looking at drafting a QB with your pick but see that the 1 2 3 pick have already taken a starting QB you should be able to take another position and save that QB pick for the wrap around.
    • Don't worry about - Kickers, Def, Handcuffs,or Bye Weeks. You will be amazed how few issues you have with Bye weeks when not even paying attention to it. The only exception is QB. I personally don't understand the point of picking up handcuffs for a guy. I feel like i would rather take another teams backup RB and bank on ending up with him as another starter as opposed to betting on my guy getting injured. If you think your guy is that much of an injury risk then why is he on your team.
    • 2015 Specific - this year it was apparent that after the fourth round i really wasn't a fan of any of the RB being a starter on my team so this year i knew i had to get 2 RB in the first 4 rounds. This is made a little easier if you are comfortable in waiting on QB and maybe TE a little later. In previous years i used would often use my first pick or second pick on the #1 QB/WR/TE.

    I am sure i will think of more stuff i like to do later and can make amendments to this.
    In the end none of this matters though because your girlfriend will pick guys based on hotness and end up winning the league.

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