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    Abbreviated 2015 Week 7 Preview


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    Abbreviated 2015 Week 7 Preview

    Post by DrMjrKoval on Sun Oct 25, 2015 10:48 am

    Since we had no show this week here is an abbreviated Preview

    Steelers vs Chiefs

    With Michael Vick out and Ben Roethlisberger still on the bend Landry Jones isn't necessarily the worst start this week. He did look pretty good last week in limited play and isn't completely embarrassing to play if you have an Aaron Rodgers or another QB on bye.

    Falcons vs Titans

    It seems every week it's hard to believe that Davonta Freeman is putting out the stats he is. The truth of the matter is he is on fire and is a start no matter what. Tevin Coleman while even healthy is relegated to spelling him at this point.

    Dolphins vs Texans

    With the Dolphins actually having a decent pass defense DeAndre Hopkins is still a big go every week.

    Vikings vs Bears

    This time 6 weeks ago I would never think that the Lions would have a losing record and the Vikings would have a winning record. Calvin Johnson showed last week why he was a high draft pick. This week he should continue despite how bad a team they are. Teddy Bridgewater could have a huge week this week with how laughably bad the Lions' Defense is.

    Next week should have a longer preview, see everyone on the flip side

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